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David fancied doing something new

A few years ago, he felt the need to radically change his life. To get out of the office and into nature. David Perathoner is now the most famous goat farmer in South Tyrol. At his goat farm in Laion, he produces a variety of products made from goats’ milk, including yoghurt, yoghurt drink, cheese spread, blancmange and panna cotta.

Little kids jump happily up and down; with a loud thump, two billy goats clash their horns; and between them, the bleating of the goats blends together – it’s all happening in the spring on David’s goat farm in Tanurza. “At the moment, most of the animals are on the farm, because the goats are giving birth to their kids.”

A while ago, David wanted to turn his life on its head and work as much as possible with and within nature. After completing his own apprenticeship, he realised his dream. The dream of an organic goat farm. He bought 75 young goats from an organic farm and raised them. A year later, the first kids came along, as did the long-awaited milk.

Goats are pleasant, clever and often affectionate too. They are also very easily satisfied and have a loving, lively character.

David Perathoner

Today, up to 20 kids live on the farm for breeding and 60 Edelzeige goats (German Improved Fawns), which are milked. Milking is done in no time at all thanks to a machine that means 24 goats can all take their turn at the same time. Processing the milk takes greater effort as David does this on his own and mostly by hand. Every day, there’s more processing waiting to be done. “On three days a week, I bottle the fresh milk. On one day, I make cheese, on another yoghurt and on another I make the desserts,” explains the goat farmer. The products are then delivered to selected businesses and hotels throughout South Tyrol.

Goats milk is considered to be particularly rich in vitamins, easily digestible and beneficial to health. The Edelziege goats in particular give very high quality and digestible milk, and so David’s products are real bestsellers.

Media folk are always popping over to David’s farm to see how he farms his goats. A film team from New York even wanted to be there live as he cut his alpine hay on the Seceda for his goats. To David, high-quality food is the most important thing for his animals. “They eat alpine hay, Groumat and Pofla, so hay from the first, second and third cut and get a grain mixture as well,” he explained. It’s vital that the German Improved Fawns feel happy because it’s the only way they’ll produce good milk.

Information about David’s goat farm

David’s goat farm in Tanurza is a flagship organic farm. With the milk from his goats, he produces different varieties of yoghurt and yoghurt drink, creamy goat’s cheese, fresh cheese, semi-hard cheese and desserts, such as panna cotta and blancmange. The products are available in selected shops and at the Metzgerei Ploner butchers shop in Laion.

Telephone: +39 335 5425828

Email: david(at)


Address: Tanurza 2f – 39040 Laion

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