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Laion comes with an adventure guarantee

“I’m bored...” – three words that instantly disappear into the clear mountain air in Laion. This is a place where adventures are just waiting to happen. Travel from the Stone Age to the present day, follow in the footsteps of the rock star of the Middle Ages or soar through the vast forests – the right amount of variety is guaranteed on vacation in the Dolomites with kids.


Journey through time

The new family adventure trail is accessible from the village square or sports ground and is easy for adventurers both young and old to walk around in one hour. The journey through time starts with a timeline and is followed by the Stone Age and Bronze Age with wooden tents and animals, Roman times with a tall tower and the Middle Ages with a balance-parcours course. After the sounds station, you’ll arrive back by aeroplane and a short climb back in the present day.


On the trail of Walther

Walther von der Vogelweide is considered the most important German minstrel of the Middle Ages. Rumour has it that he was born around 1170 on the Vogelweiderhof in Ried, Laion. The eight stations on the Walther von der Vogelweide circular trail let you immerse yourselves in an exciting time and reveal why Walther, presumed to be from Laion, was such a big star in the Middle Ages.


As if in a fairytale

Trostburg Castle towers majestically over Ponte Gardena below Laion and is one of the mightiest castles in South Tyrol. Inside, it hides magnificent halls and numerous treasures. Where once the minstrel Oswald von Wolkenstein grew up, today the castle museum welcomes curious knights and damsels to an exhibition showcasing models of the South Tyrolean castles.


Col de Flam

From the middle of June to the end of September, the attractive high rope course in St. Ulrich (Ortisei) is a big draw with its fun routes for the little ones and demanding parcours for the really brave. Highlights include the 180-metre-long ZIP line, the 480-metre FLY line, a real helicopter between the trees, an animal park and trampolines. And to top it all off? The high rope course is free for guests staying in Laion.


What will you experience?

From A as in adventure to Z as in zipline. Laion offers all sorts of holiday fun for families.