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Albert reveals all

He started at the age of 14 – Albert Fill is now over 80 years old and is still making rucksacks in his workshop using the old traditional method. Each of his pieces tells you something of the experience he’s gained over the years as well as the care and passion he has for this craft. The demand for these unique items made from natural materials goes far beyond the national border.

Albert’s workshop, with a view of the legendary Sciliar massif looks more like a sitting room than a workshop. Two large tables, with fabric and leather on them, numerous sewing machines, shelves full of tools and cutting dies – and a bird cage with two canaries in. “This was always the traditional way with cobbling and tailoring,” he says.

In his workshop, he only uses the highest quality materials: The strong cotton fabric is supplied by a renowned company in Milan. The naturally tanned leather for the edging and carrying straps comes from Santa Croce in Tuscany and the water-repellent loden cloth comes from the well-known South Tyrolean company Moessmer in Brunico.

It is important to me that the rucksacks are not only comfortable to wear and look good but that they also last a long time, which is why high quality materials and precision work is so important.

Albert Fill

“Firstly, the material must be gathered properly, then the individual sections are drawn on and cut,” explains Albert, as he cuts the sections of the rucksack out using the cutting machine. The leather parts, such as the straps for the rucksack, are punched out using the die-cutting machine, which he has numerous different shapes for. Then he inserts the holes and the required eyelets. The tops for the rucksacks are trimmed with leather.

Part by part, Albert sews the rucksack together on different sewing machines using practised hands and precision work – from the carrying straps to the bag to the money pocket. His years of experience in the craft are immediately clear to see by the way he nimbly and skilfully moves his hands and, of course, by the finished masterpieces.

The hunting rucksacks are in particular demand both in and outside of South Tyrol.

Albert takes just one hour to make a small rucksack. He works around five hours on the large hunting rucksacks with a supporting frame, in which a whole roebuck can fit. “If customers request it, the rucksacks can be padded, fitted with additional inner pockets or embroidered with a logo,” explains Albert.

His traditional loden cloth rucksacks come in three sizes and six colours. He sews seven different models of fabric rucksack plus the hunting rucksack. Albert also produces student rucksacks, handbags and bags for firewood made from felt – each piece has its own unique character.

Information about Albert’s rucksack workshop

Would you like a masterpiece made by hand by the rucksack maker Albert Fill?

Telephone: +39 0471 655696

Email: fillrucksaecke(at)

Address: Walther-von-der-Vogelweide-Straße 20a – 39040 Laion

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