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Breaking new ground

The former woodcarver and entrepreneur Isidor Rabanser is now the landlord in the wine tavern Pedrutscherhof at Poststeig, a passionate hunter and path warden. But Isidor continues to pursue his passion as a woodcarver, transforming local wood into unique masterpieces.

Anyone who has ever hiked in Laion will know that the hiking paths are in top-class condition. They are repaired, maintained, superbly marked and signposted. Most people don’t think too much about it, when they are out and about in the mountains, and just assume this is a matter of course. But that isn’t the case. As a path warden, Isidor takes great care of the path network around Laion and ensures that the hiking paths are walkable all year round. “I like being a path warden. It means locals and holidaymakers can enjoy the beauty of our mountains to the full,” he explains.

There is a lot to do along the paths, particularly in snowy winter. The reward for his hard work is the appreciation he gets from the hikers.

Isidor Rabanser

There is, however, a second reason why you might often encounter Isidor on a hike: He is a passionate hunter. He produces his own sausages and game salami and his wine tavern at Poststeig just beyond St. Peter is also well-known for its game specialities. Several times a year, Isidor and his wife Brigitte invite people to come along to the game weeks with venison and roe deer dishes as well as South Tyrol delicacies such as Tirtlan (filled fritters) and sweet doughnuts. “In autumn, our guest house is a popular meeting place for Törggelen,” reveals the landlord. If Isidor has any time spare in between his many jobs, he devotes it to his woodcarving.

Information about Isidor’s wooden products

In addition to salt, pepper and spice mills, Isidor produces many other products from wood. The grain, structure and colour of the wood makes every piece different and thus unique.

Telephone: +39 338 1480986


Adress: St. Peter 40 – 39040 St. Peter

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