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Werner, the bee king

In the middle of the wood, surrounded by flowery meadows and the pure Laion mountain air, it’s not just Werner Lorenzetto going about his work day in, day out, his hard-working bees are too. The end product? It’s rare to find such a natural and tasty honey. Werner and his buzzing friends also conjure up many other specialities too.

Werner lives with his wife Petra and their four sons in the remotest corner of Laion, tucked away in the woods. He is a trained beekeeper and is devoted to looking after his 100 beehives. He has a very close bond with his colonies. Plant life for the bees is very diverse here and so they produce a number of different honey varieties: blossom cream honey, acacia honey, lime blossom honey, chestnut honey, forest honey and alpine rose honey.

Added to these are specialities that you won’t find anywhere else, such as Cremolino, a mix of blossom cream honey and 10% pure bee pollen. Werner also supplies pure pollen. “It tastes good when added to muesli, a smoothie or spread on honey bread and is a real superfood.” Just as healthy is his honeycomb, which remains in its 100% natural state.

Bees notice immediately if you are nervous. You have to be calm, concentrated and work slowly because if you rush, it makes them aggressive.

Werner Lorenzetto

Werner is convinced that “Any place with bees a healthy place.” He is particularly proud of his latest product to strengthen the immune system: beeiMMUN. The main component is honey, added to which is highly effective propolis extract and echinacea tincture. Propolis works as a natural antibiotic against all sorts of bacteria and also fights viruses and fungi. Echinacea purpurea, the red sun hat, boosts the immune system and is used against viruses and colds. “With one spoonful of beeiMMUN, you can wipe out illnesses before you even feel them,” says Werner.

Beekeeping for me is much more than just honey production.

Information about Petra’s Honey Hut

If you want sample Werner’s range of honey, you should visit him at his forest refuge. Petra’s Honey Hut has everything a honey-loving heart desires.

Telephone: +39 366 9069256

Email: lorenzetto.petra(at)


Address: Freins 8b – 39040 Laion

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