Landscape in AutumnLandscape in Autumn

Colourful Conviviality

In autumn, the mountain slopes in Laion turn into different shades of green, yellow, orange and red, creating a rainbow effect that can be admired by hikers. On Rosary Sunday, the first Sunday of October, the herds of cattle that have been up on the mountain plateau all summer, are brought down to the valley pastures. A part of the herd adorned with decorations passes through the streets of Laion as a gesture of thanks for their safe return from the mountains, thus celebrating the traditional transhumance. Traditional Schuhplatter dancers, Goaslschnöller whip crackers and the Dreschers demonstrate their respective skills, animating the traditional celebrations, with music and culinary specialties.
Colorfuly foliagesColorfuly foliages

Mountain Air And The Törggelesteig Trail

The Dolomites, (a UNESCO World Heritage site) are a permanent source of fascination to visitors. When hiking on the mountains, one cannot but marvel at the spectacular views of the summits and some of the oddly shaped rock formations. Autumn leads visitors on the Törggelen trail, through rolling vineyards past the imposing chestnut trees. Apart from anything else, this involves sampling the farmers’ typical homemade Törggelen delicacies, washed down with a few glasses of local new wine.
walking on the Poststeigwalking on the Poststeig
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