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The history of Laion goes back to Neolithic times, when hunters came to stop over and rest. At the entrance of municipality stands a menhir dating back to the Copper Age. While some churches and painted stone can boast an architectural legacy dating from the Middle Ages. Laion is generally considered as the birthplace of the rock star of medieval poetry, Walther von der Vogelweide: lyrical composer and singer of love songs. Novale is actually the location of Vogelweide farmstead. Trostburg Castle, residence of another famous bard (Oswald von Wolkenstein), stands on the opposite side of the valley. Testaments of the rich history of Laion also include the protected residences of Mairhof, Moarhof, Tschutscherhof, Zehentner and Schreiber. The famous town square of Laion has been remodelled to resemble the way it looked during the old days. In Laion, you can actually experience the old traditions and customs, such as during the processions or when the cattle return from the Laion mountain plateau at the end of the season.
St. Katharina churcSt. Katharina church
view to the Trostburg from Lajen Ried view to the Trostburg from Lajen Ried
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