Shepherd boy with goatShepherd boy with goat

Annual Driving Down Of Cattle From The Mountain Pastures

A large-scale celebration: an immense herd returns from the Alpine pastures

The traditional annual return of the herds of cattle from the mountain pastures is celebrated at the end of the season in Laion, on Sunday of the Rosary (the first Sunday in October). Some of the cows are groomed, adorned with decorations and paraded across the village square, in The annual event is also an occasion for a celebration on a grand scale, with live music and culinary specialities of various kinds being served. a sign of thanks for an accident-free summer on the Alpine pastures. Also featured during the event are the “Schuhplattler” dancers, a whip cracking performance and drummers, all putting their respective skills on show for the attentive audience.

1 October 2017

10:00: Morning pint with the band of Luson

Performance of the "Schuhplattler" dancers

13:00: Music for brass instruments with the "Südtiroler Gaudimusikanten"

15:00: Return of the herds and big pageant
musical band from Laionmusical band from Laion
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