View of the SchlernView of the Schlern

The joys of hiking

There is much to experience when hiking around Laion and its environs. As the landscape follows the seasonal changes, so do our varied hiking itineraries.

From mid-June until the end of October, Helmuth, our accredited mountain guide takes visitors on weekly excursions to the Dolomites, (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and twice as often from mid-July until mid-September. The excursion takes hikers along the Friedrich August Trail, over the Seura Sass, Puez, the Poma/Kreuzkofeljoch Pass, Sas Ciampac, Valle Stella Alpina/Edelweißtal Valley, Stevia, Forcella/Wasserscharte and so on.

There are excursions in search of wild herbs led by expert herbalist Waldtraud Scherlin Wendt every two weeks from mid-June to mid-October. Her slogan is: "vitality - every field is a pharmacy" During these outings, Mrs. Wendt divulges the healing properties and unique characteristics of a wide variety of wild herbs and grasses. Her knowledge of herbs is gleaned from ancient customs and traditions.

Until the end of October, our expert Mr. Heinrich Ranalter leads through his herb garden and the Kneipp path in Laion/Lajen. During these outings, Mr. Ranalter imparts his knowledge of herbs and the Sebastian Kneipp naturopathy in an authentic way.
Wild herbs and flowersWild herbs and flowers

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Where does the itinerary lead?
Our guide HelmuthOur guide Helmuth
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